Elderly and Foot Health

Elderly and Foot Health

Geritric foot health


Over time, the elderly population is increasing in society. This productive and satisfactory for the quality of life of the elderly population healthy feet is required. Participation in social activities, a precondition for being able to work and be Mobile , to be Mobile is a prerequisite for healthy feet. Other lower extremity problems in the elderly population is added as a limiting factor (when hip and knee pain) equal to 1/6 of the U.S. population of people over 65 that comprise the utility (crutches, cane, etc.) when you can walk, 1/4 of those in need of home care may never walk again.


Health Is The Mirror Of


The mirror of human health. Orthopedists during the foot examination, diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory disorders are confronted with the first signs of systemic diseases such as. Dry skin, burning feet, pain, heat, numbness, color changes and nail fragility may be developing a disease such as results of the increase in the first or the precursors it is necessary to consult a doctor without delay.


Foot problems can be prevented


In a weird way many people, especially seniors, with age it is normal for this pain and foot pain are opting for the path of doing something for you agree that even even people who retired because of foot pain. Only a few of the over 300 available genetic foot problems are transitive. Over the years many of these diseases due to use of the foot not to do anything and those who are connected are the ones that are bad. However, the solution to all of these diseases and treatment diseases. When used badly or ignored and leads to a lot of damage already and the shoes in your feet change. Yayvanlasir feet and the foot on the base of melt in the bag occurs, the additional weight puts additional loads on the foot, that brings age. In the old time shoes and shoes, you should make your choice accordingly admit that number of can vary. Nail breakage, sunk, dry skin, etc that begin with symptoms in women than in men 4 times more. The benefit of screening for foot health as a preservative.


Try to walk


Known can the patient walk both in terms of the bedridden patient's care more difficult and more expensive. Foot health centers patients by holding their feet to walk on, there are services too important to be predicted. As a result of early diagnosis and preventative measures in recent years, especially the number of infections and amputations diabetic patients, it is observed that very low induced circulatory problems.


Foot health tips


- The use of fitting shoes is essential. The people at the very top of estimates uses the wrong sized shoes.

- The base hard and the soft ones for daily activities should be preferred.

- Your shoes are your foot in the afternoon to get fucked.

Walking is the best exercise for your feet.

- Socks and inner socks must be of appropriate size.

- Do not store in the form of a ball your socks in the closet.

- Foot calluses and skin lesions without seeing your doctor in the house and razors, etc cut.

- Rinse your feet with warm water every day, and simple soap and then manually check the temperature of the water in the foot moisturizer.

- Your nails cut straight.

- Check your feet every day or get someone to help you. Slit the skin, redness, swelling, wounds, etc when faced with, consult your doctor.

- Control your feet 2 times a year once every 6 months to make the examination